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Herbal Consultations
Private consultation's (2 part): 
The first meeting is approximately 1 hour, depending on the complexity of the individual's case. 

We explore your case in depth and discuss aspects of your medical history, diet and lifestyle, and include a written Protocol workup making recommendations for herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle. The top 3 immediate concerns are addressed while tabling remaining concerns for future reference.

The second half/meeting is approximately 60 minutes and allows enough time to explain the protocols, answer any questions, and teach anything that needs hands on. Also, all information and notes will be included in a personalized packet for reference. 

Custom herbal formulas (created in Herbalicious of Arizona apothecary) will be available once the Protocol workup is ready and are available for pickup. 

Full consultation - both sessions: $145
Single Concern Consultations:
10-15 minute walk-in Consultation: $18
(First come First Serve)

30 minute In Office Consultation: $45
60 minute In Office Consultation: $75
*Payments accepted in cash, debit or credit card (Via Paypal)
*cancellations within 12 hours, no call/no show's are subject to a fee ($35) 

To schedule an appointment, please call 520.414.0041 

Follow-Up Consultations are provided for an established client that would like their formulas to be reevaluated and changed, have new concerns or medical diagnosis, or have an acute illness. 
**All active Police, Fire, and Military personnel receive 10% discounts across the board. Thank you for your service!