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Herbalicious of Arizona - Helping others help themselves
Emily Sebring, HHCP, is a medicine woman,  an herbalist, a homesteader, urban farmer and a holistic nutritionist. Her private practice, serving the English and the Spanish speaking communities, is a faith based center for learning and growing. As a medical herbalist she sees clients daily and fosters clarity, understanding and education in the world of natural healing and strengthening of the human body.
Prior to her work in holistic health care, Emily became seriously ill and had to decide whether to continue running her successful event planning business or close her doors permanently. This major event caused her to look at life differently and turn to new concepts. Over time, with the help of family and friends, she began taking the steps towards learning, experiencing, and implementing the amazing healing abilities and potential each of us carries within.
Today, Emily has the opportunity to empower her clients as they obtain the tools and knowledge needed for their own healing journey. Studying Holistic Nutrition under Dr. Mahdi Brown and Dr. Henele Eale of Genesis - Energetic Health Institute and Western Herbalism under JoAnn Sanchez, AHG, of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts has been one of her biggest blessings and greatest honors.